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Unparalleled Benefits: The Synergy of Spectrum Sessions and Baselines

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

As the summer fades and the brisk fall air greets us, it's prime time for fresh starts. This column, we spotlight "Unparalleled Benefits," underscoring the crucial role of baselines both in-center and at home to amplify results.

OsteoStrong's baselines are more than just figures; they offer deep insights into your physical strengths and overall health. As these baselines reveal tangible enhancements in strength, they boost your confidence, enabling you to derive greater benefits from your Spectrum sessions. Simply put, baselines and Spectrum sessions are a harmonious duo, each enhancing the other's impact and your overall health!

OsteoStrong uses state-of-the-art osteogenic loading, Spectrum Machines, in tandem with its baseline measurements to reshape how we approach musculoskeletal health. When performed weekly, osteogenic loading acts as a potent catalyst, enhancing the outcomes of each baseline measurement. Let’s explore how this synergistic combination offers unparalleled benefits:

Grip Strength:

Grip strength is a vital signpost of overall health. Touted by researchers and experts like Dr. Ardeshir Hashmi in geriatric medicine as a significant "biomarker for aging," a declining grip after the age of 50, or even earlier, signals broader health concerns. Yet, those who nurture and enhance it experience overall health benefits.

Incorporating weekly osteogenic loading sessions and utilizing the Hand Dynamometer at the center are instrumental in augmenting grip strength. This not only amplifies bone density, thereby diminishing fracture risks, but its benefits extend further. Regular at-home grip exercises magnify these advantages: daily tasks become more manageable, confidence elevates, and your engagement with the Upper and Postural GT machines intensifies. Thus, focusing on your grip strength, whether at the center or home, can significantly shape your overall health trajectory.

Member Testimonial – Frances Coover: "I struggled to achieve my best scores on the Postural GT machine because my hands just couldn't hold on tight enough. My session coach quickly identified the issue: my lack of grip strength was holding me back. Following their advice, I began using the Hand Dynamometer weekly at the center and practicing my grip at home by squeezing a 15-ounce can. The results? A marked boost in my confidence when using the Postural GT. It's surprising how such a simple routine made a noticeable difference. This is progress with minimal effort!"

Sit Stand:

Osteogenic loading, paired with the sit stand baseline, is a potent formula for boosting lower body strength. By engaging in weekly sessions, members notice a remarkable ease in day-to-day activities, signaling an uplifted quality of life.

While the sit stand test offers insight into aerobic health, this test uniquely measures your lower body muscle strength, flexibility, balance and coordination/postural stability. It requires your joints to move through a relatively large range of motion while the muscles of your lower body and trunk support and control your body weight.

Practicing the sit stand exercise in the center and at home is invaluable. Regular at-home practice not only reinforces the gains made in-center but also accelerates progress, ensuring that strength and stability are integrated into everyday life. The beauty of the sit stand is its simplicity, making it an accessible and effective routine for consistent home practice. This article will help you refine your sit stand at home practice, How the sit-to-stand test helps you understand your health | Fortune Well.

Member Testimonial – Karen Bardwick “This is a 35LB bag of dog food. For some people that may be light, for me last year it was heavy. By doing my weekly osteogenic loading sessions, I am much stronger and can easily lift 35lbs and even more. I feel great thanks to OsteoStrong!”

Balance Test:

Achieving balance extends beyond mere physical stability; it mirrors our inner confidence. Regular osteogenic loading, paired with the balance tests, enhances overall stability, thereby fortifying preventive health measures against debilitating falls.

Practicing the sit stand technique properly is paramount. Executed correctly, for every extra second maintained in a single-leg balance, the risk of a hip fracture diminishes by 5%. Moreover, dedicating just one minute, three times daily, to stand on one leg can foster hip bone mineral density growth, reducing fracture risks upon any potential falls.

Both in-center guidance and at-home practice play vital roles. While the center offers expert oversight ensuring the sit stand is done correctly, at-home repetitions reinforce muscle memory and habituate the body to the movements. For deeper insights on performing the Single Leg Test and your Single Leg Stance Test Normal Score, explore How Single Leg Tests Are Linked to Death — Single Leg Stance Norms (

Being part of OsteoStrong is a journey of transformation. The blend of osteogenic loading and baseline measurements offers more than numerical improvements—it elevates the quality of our lives. And as we hear more stories of triumph, they serve as a testament to the strength, balance, and vitality that this powerful combination bestows.

To all our members: Keep pushing, keep striving, and keep sharing your stories. Your journey inspires us all.



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